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From shoe-store salesman to crypto millionaire racing-driver: The Remarkable Uprising of ThatMartiniGuy


Jordan Kerridge, widely known as ThatMartiniGuy (TMG), has an extraordinary story that transcends his record-breaking sales skills and his early belief in bitcoin. The culmination of his experiences has led him to become a self-made millionaire, a respected Crypto Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and an entrepreneur in the world of web3.

This article will take you through the various stages of TMG’s remarkable journey, from his life before crypto to his founding of CryptoSavingExpert (CSE) and his driving force for crypto adoption.

Hustler in the making

TMG’s journey began with his exceptional ability to influence others, as demonstrated by his record-breaking shoe sales. Working in a shoe store in Halifax (UK), TMG shattered sales records by selling an astounding 60 pairs of shoes within a mere four-hour shift. This remarkable achievement showcased his natural talent for persuasion and his innate ability to connect with customers. Even during his school years, TMG exhibited his entrepreneurial spirit by selling various goods, including iPhone cases. This early experience honed his business acumen and set the stage for his future ventures in the world of crypto and web3.

Getting in Early

TMG’s belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies led him to take a calculated risk and invest early. Recognizing the transformative power of digital currencies like bitcoin, TMG made strategic investments that eventually catapulted him into the realm of self-made millionaires. This decision was a pivotal moment in his life, leading him to leave behind his “normal” career in engineering and fully dedicate himself to the world of crypto and YouTube.

Jordan’s fearless approach to investing and his unwavering faith in the future of cryptocurrencies played a significant role in shaping his success.

Sharing his Success

Initially, TMG’s goal was to help his friends and family understand cryptocurrencies. He recognized the importance of spreading awareness and knowledge about this emerging technology. However, Jordan’s informative and engaging content resonated with a much broader audience. As more people around the world tuned in to his videos, “ThatMartiniGuy” gained a dedicated and engaged following. His ability to simplify complex concepts, provide valuable insights, and share personal experiences contributed to his growing influence in the crypto community.

Exploding Wealth & Social Influence

TMG’s impact on the crypto space quickly became substantial as his wealth and social influence skyrocketed. His unique ability to generate outstanding results as a content creator and influencer is evident in the tangible outcomes he can achieve. Despite challenging market conditions in the 2023 bear-market cycle, TMG can still generate over $1.5 billion of trading volume within a 30-day window, showcasing his exceptional influence and ability to drive engagement. This level of performance has not only solidified TMG’s reputation as a trusted authority but also has cemented his position as one of the truly influential figures in the crypto industry.

Founding Crypto Saving Expert

TMG’s vision extended beyond his personal success. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive resource that caters to all crypto-related needs, Jordan founded (CSE). His aim is to establish CSE as the number one platform for individuals seeking information, guidance, and resources in the world of cryptocurrencies.

With groundbreaking developments on the horizon, TMG is actively working on implementing innovative features and functionalities that will set CSE apart from other web3 media platforms.

These developments, born from TMG’s visionary ideas, will revolutionize the way individuals interact with cryptocurrencies and the broader web3 ecosystem. We highly recommend that you create a FREE account at CSE in order to be kept up to date.

Driving Force

Beyond his accomplishments in the crypto space, TMG harbors an ultimate dream—to become a racing driver. Inspired by his love for speed, adrenaline, and pushing boundaries, Jordan is actively pursuing this passion with team Bitcoin Racing” in the 2023 Mini Challenge series.

Combining his racing aspirations with his mission of spreading crypto adoption, Kerridge has secured sponsorships from exciting crypto startups such as TAP.Global and Veloce Media Group for his race car. This unique approach allows him to merge his passion for racing with his commitment to introducing more people to the world of cryptocurrencies.

By proudly displaying crypto sponsorships on his race car, TMG leverages the racing platform to raise awareness and promote the benefits of digital currencies.

Jordan “ThatMartiniGuy” Kerridge’s extraordinary journey from breaking sales records in a shoe store to becoming a self-made millionaire and founding CSE showcases his natural ability to influence others, entrepreneurial spirit, calculated risk-taking nature, and relentless pursuit of change. Through CSE and his racing endeavors, TMG continues to inspire individuals to pursue their passions, embrace opportunities, and make a meaningful impact in the world of web3 and beyond.

With TMG’s groundbreaking developments and unwavering dedication, the future holds immense potential for both TMG and the crypto community he serves.

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