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Stop Treating Crypto KOLs as Influencers


In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have emerged as influential figures with deep expertise and authority in their respective fields. While they may have similarities with Influencers, it is important to recognize that treating KOLs as mere Influencers can undermine their genuine commitments to projects and discredit their expertise. In this article, we will explore why it’s essential to distinguish KOLs from Influencers in the crypto/blockchain industry and why labeling them as such is increasingly inappropriate.

Discrediting Expertise

Labeling KOLs as Influencers can inadvertently undermine their credibility and expertise. Unlike Influencers who often promote products purely for financial gain, KOLs are driven by their deep understanding and genuine commitment to a particular project. They base their recommendations on extensive research and technical knowledge, making their insights invaluable to the blockchain community.

Negative Reputation

The term “influencer” has acquired a negative reputation, particularly in relation to technical or financial products. Many influencers have been criticized for shamelessly shilling products solely for financial gain, leading to skepticism and mistrust among consumers. By labeling KOLs as influencers, we risk associating them with the negative connotations surrounding influencer marketing and potentially cause offence.

Evolution to KOLs

It is important to acknowledge that some popular online creators may have initially gained recognition as influential promoters for crypto projects. However, over time, they have evolved into industry KOLs in their own right. These individuals have invested significant effort and expertise into understanding blockchain technology and have become respected voices within the community. Recognizing them as KOLs rather than simply influencers acknowledges their growth and contributions.


In the crypto/blockchain industry, it is crucial to differentiate between Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Influencers. Labeling KOLs as influencers can undermine their expertise, discredit their genuine commitments, and associate them with the negative reputation often associated with influencer marketing. While some online creators may have started as influential promoters, they have since evolved into industry KOLs deserving of recognition for their specialized knowledge and contributions. By treating KOLs with the distinction they deserve, we can foster a more accurate representation of their expertise and ensure that their insights continue to be valued within the blockchain community.

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