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Web3 PR Agencies 2024


Working with web3-specialized PR agencies offers several benefits for the marketing of blockchain-based projects. These agencies possess in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry, its unique challenges, and target audiences. They have established relationships with key media outlets in the web3 space, enabling them to secure valuable coverage and endorsements for your project.

Web3 PR agencies understand the nuances of decentralized technologies and can effectively communicate complex concepts to a wider audience. They also provide you with strategic guidance, crafting compelling narratives that highlight your project’s features and benefits.

Collaborating with the web3-specialized PR agencies listed below can significantly enhance brand visibility, credibility, and community engagement for your blockchain projects.

Crypto Saving Expert

Aiming to become the #1 resource for all-things crypto, Crypto Saving Expert provides free education through news, guides, tutorials and comprehensive courses for your project.

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Wachsman is a global PR agency that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency. They offer comprehensive services such as media relations, strategic advisory, content creation, and event management, helping projects effectively communicate their message to the target audience.

Transform Group

Transform Group provides PR and marketing services to blockchain and crypto projects. They offer media relations, branding, social media management, and event organization, helping clients build their brand and gain visibility in the industry.

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a European PR firm that elevates your project’s visibility with their PR expertise. They help secure coverage in top crypto publications, engaging investors and users with compelling articles, and driving community hype and awareness.


AmaZix is a global PR agency specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their services include community management, influencer marketing, and media relations, helping projects build and engage with their communities while gaining exposure in the industry.

Proleo deliver a comprehensive crypto PR service and strategy that matches their client’s objectives. They offer Crypto, Fintech, NFT, and Blockchain PR options at affordable prices to ensure the success of the project campaign.


MarketAcross is a PR and marketing agency that caters to blockchain and Web3 projects. They offer a range of services, including media relations, content marketing, social media management, and community building, to enhance brand visibility and drive engagement.


Melrose PR is a PR agency focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 projects. Their services include media relations, content creation, and influencer outreach, helping clients secure media coverage and establish thought leadership within the industry.

EAK Digital

EAK Digital provides PR and marketing services to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Their services include media relations, social media management, and content marketing, helping clients build their brand, engage with the community, and drive awareness.


Coinbound delivers deep crypto PR industry expertise which allows them to develop comprehensive communications strategies in order to reach a massively wide audience for their clients.


Blockwiz create strategic campaigns to drive brand awareness, promote trust and build a highly engaged community. Their PR is supported by long-term SEO strategies to build content that reaches its target audience.


Icoda is an innovative PR, marketing, and strategic communications agency that offers various services and provides tailored and robust solutions for clients’ needs, ensuring effective reputation management and making business heard.

Crypto Media Hub

Crypto Media Hub has been at the forefront of the Bitcoin and blockchain revolution, working with clients that include leading tokens, wallets, NFTs, DeFi protocols, fintech, emerging tech, podcasts, events, and crypto influencers.

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