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Best Web3 Publications to Work With in 2023


If you’re a marketer for a web3 project who is trying to find out what the best publications to work with in 2023 are – then you’re in the right place.

The top web3 publications produce almost instantaneous information about breaking news stories, breakdown complex blockchain-based subject matter into easily digestible terms, and educate readers of all comprehension-levels about key developments in this rapidly unfolding industry.

As a marketer in web3, it is essential that you know who’s who when it comes to specialist blockchain media – so that you can make strategic decisions about which ones make for the most suitable collaborations.

Different web3 publications have different persuasions when it comes to blockchain narratives, ecosystems, and communities. Some hone-in on specific areas, such as NFTs or gaming, some stick to pricing updates and technical-analysis, whereas others more generally cover news across a broader range of topics. On top of these considerations, costs for their various promotional packages differ drastically.

We’ve done the research to create a credible & impartial shortlist of stellar options – and no, we haven’t featured ourselves on it.

Overview of the Best Web3 Publications

Crypto Saving Expert

Aiming to become the #1 resource for all-things crypto, Crypto Saving Expert provides free education through news, guides, tutorials and comprehensive courses for your project.

Mention code “KOLLAB” for a 15% discount on prices!

The Block

With a dedicated gaming section that covers the latest developments in the crypto gaming space, The Block also provides analysis and insights into the market for crypto gaming projects.


Decrypt has a strong focus on NFTs and the exciting market of digital collectibles. Coverage includes news, analysis, and interviews with industry leaders – making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in NFTs.

Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph is a global news and analysis website whose coverage includes trading and technical analysis, as well as in-depth features and interviews with industry leaders.


DappRadar provides data and analytics for decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Their platform allows users to track usage, transaction volume, and other metrics for various dapps, with a focus on DeFi and gaming applications.

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Best Web3 Publication to Work with Overall

Crypto Saving Expert

Special Offer
Use code “KOLLAB” for a 15% discount on prices!

Why is it the best overall?

We consider Crypto Saving Expert (CSE) to be the best overall web3 publication to partner with in 2023. Featuring value-packed content across the entire range of web3 categories, essential breaking news coverage, alpha-rich technical analysis on the latest price movements, and comprehensive courses; this blockchain media site is a great choice for the vast majority of cases and should be one of your top contenders.

Crypto Saving Expert launched in Q1 of 2023 but has already amassed a dedicated audience of over 50,000 unique-monthly-visitors because of their vehement commitment to deliver free, quality blockchain education for readers of all levels.

The fresh-faced site is aiming to become the #1 universal resource for all web3-related content. With a particular focus on education through news, tutorials, reviews, and custom-made courses aimed at delivering active users to your project – CSE offers a compelling partnership proposition at an unbelievably competitive price.

What subjects do they cover?

The topics covered by the dedicated team of writers at Crypto Saving Expert span across the entire world of web3.

No matter what category your project falls into, CSE can offer specialist editors that are experts in that particular field. Their thorough understanding of the mechanics behind your project is essential in communicating a clear message that will resonate with your target audience.

What are the promotional options?

Crypto Saving Expert is highly flexible when it comes to partnership activities. Their agile team and open-minded ways to collaborate will benefit your project if you are experimenting with various marketing options in order to find the best formula for your goals.

Where Crypto Saving Expert separates itself from the many other web3 publications is with their courses. The completely custom-made course is designed around your project’s unique features and provides prospective users with an interactive & rewarding tuition experience. The courses are 100% free for users to undertake and they are rewarded with a certification upon completion. The objective of the courses is to prepare users on how to use your product so that they arrive with the confidence and capabilities of being a high-value active participant from the start.

Pricing for Crypto Saving Expert’s variety of promotional options starts at an unbeatable $1,500 – and by referencing code “KOLLAB” you can save 15% off.

What do their partners say?

The value provided by Crypto Saving Expert was clear from the outset of our campaign. The team was exceptional in their ability to translate the core principles of our project into a detailed, yet easy-to-understand user guide.

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